Persimmon Trees

Pre-Booking Persimmons Thank you for purchasing a #3 Persimmon from Tomorrows Because of the sensitive root system of the persimmon and the trouble they can have from Bare Root; we are committed to selling a plant that is fully rooted and guaranteed to grow from the day you plant it. At this time, we have run out of our rooted in stock and will be releasing our fully rooted new crop mid-March to Early June. If you choose, we will backorder your persimmon and promptly deliver it as soon as it is ready. When the new crop is fully rooted our new price on the #3 Persimmons will go up to $69.99. We will maintain last year's price for all those that choose to hold their persimmon until fully rooted and are a nice 3.5- to 4-foot-tall tree. If you have already ordered and choose, we will process a refund with our apologies for not being clear on the offer. Contact Adriana: 800-828-8733 Thank you The Team at Tomorrows Harvest