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Grenada Pomegranate

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USDA ZONES: 7-10 Outdoors
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Is This Plant Self Pollinating?

Grenada Pomegranate is self-fertile, but the fruit crop will be larger if the tree is planted with a second tree.


Punica granatum 'Grenada'

Punica granatum 'Grenada'

The Grenada Pomegranate, full sized fruit, with dark deep red flesh, and a bit sweeter than the Wonderful. Also used in the garden as a focal point as its large dramatic red flowers put on quite the show before harvest in August. The Grenada is drought tolerent and does well in a pot or in the ground. Use as juice  for some last sips of summer and a burst of antioxidents.

Fruit Color:
Dark red
August - September
Full Sun
Water Needs:
drought tolerant
Soil Type:
Soil pH Level:
pH of 7
Tree Size:
Years to Bear:
Self Pollinating
Bloom Color:
Cold Hardy:
Primary USDA Zone Range:
7 - 10
Secondary USDA Zone Range:
Chill Hours:
150 - 200
Size & Spacing

Planting & Care

A large red fruit that is darker and sweeter than Wonderful. It also ripens 30 days before Wonderful. Very large red fruit with tangy sweet-tart flavor. Makes a good deep red juice or can be eaten fresh.

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