Orange Knockout Apricot

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USDA ZONES: 7-9 Outdoors
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Is This Plant Self Pollinating?

Orange Knockout Apricot is self-fertile, but the fruit crop will be larger if the tree is planted with a second tree.


Prunus armeniaca 'Orange Knockout'

Orange Knockout is a flavor packed early season Apricot. A taste test winner with both beauty and flavor. The attractive orange skin with a deep red blush covers a deep orange flesh. The early ripening allows you to begin eating the Orange knockout when it is still firm ripe and tangy. As the flesh softens the sugars take over to provide a classic sweet and juicy apricot flavor. Ripening in late may to early June in central California, Orange Knockout also delivers a dependable crop year after year, unlike other more popular varieties. As with most Apricot trees, the shape of the canopy lends itself to be used as shade tree in the landscape. Let these big beautiful, deep orange apricots bring a knockout punch to your garden. You'll enjoy their intense color and flavor for years to come

Fruit Color:
June - July
Full Sun
Water Needs:
regular water
Soil Type:
Soil pH Level:
pH of 7
Tree Size:

15' height with 15' spread

Apricots make a great shade of accent tree in the landscape and be maintained to any height with summer pruning
Years to Bear:
Self Pollinating
Bloom Color:
Cold Hardy:
Primary USDA Zone Range:
7 - 9
Secondary USDA Zone Range:
Chill Hours:
400 - 600
Size & Spacing

15' height with 15' spread

Apricots make a great shade of accent tree in the landscape and be maintained to any height with summer pruning

Plant 15' away from other trees and buildings

Planting & Care
Apricots are adaptable to most soil types, but do best in well drained, loamy soils. Mulching helps retain moisture, keep roots cool in the hot summer and helps to stabilize the soil temperature. Apply mulch 3 to 4 inches deep and 3 to 4 feet outside the canopy. In poor draining soils consider mounding or raised beds to 12 to 18 inches high Most fruit trees are pruned during their dormant phase in Winter, but apricots do best when pruned in Summer. Pruning should be done in July and August after harvest. Apricot trees explode with fragrant white blossoms in early Spring and grow quickly so they are attractive in landscaping. The trees can live for over 75 years.

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