Stuart Avocado Tree

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USDA ZONES: 8-9 Outdoors
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Is This Plant Self Pollinating?

Stuart Avocado Tree is self-fertile, but the fruit crop will be larger if the tree is planted with a second tree.


Persea americana 'Stuart'

Stewart (sometimes spelled "Stuart") was discovered on the Stewart Ranch in Sant Bernardino Ca. in around 1956. the Stewart Avocado tree produces fruit that is small, thin-skinned, dark purple to black in color when ripe. The flesh is clear light yellow and melting. The nutty rich flavor is excellent. Stewart is easy to peel and has a very small seed. One of the more compact Avocado plants, it is ideal for those with more limited space. Ripens from September to October Stuart is a Mexican type avocado that is fairly cold-hardy, doing well into the mid 20's. Although listed as an A type flower it has been reported to have B type flowers as well frequently. This may indicate a greater tendency to be self-fruitful. This is particularly noted in the colder climates of the north

Fruit Color:
September - November
Full Sun
Water Needs:
regular water
Soil Type:
Soil pH Level:
pH of 6
Tree Size:

18-20 feet tall and easily kept to below 10 feet with summer pruning

Years to Bear:
Self Pollinating
Bloom Color:
Cold Hardy:
Primary USDA Zone Range:
8 - 9
Secondary USDA Zone Range:
Chill Hours:
Size & Spacing

18-20 feet tall and easily kept to below 10 feet with summer pruning

Plant 5 to 8 feet on center

Planting & Care

Avocados like fast-draining organic soil. They do not like cold damp soil and can easily develop root rot if they remain wet for long periods. Avocado trees prefer full sun but young trees need some protection from the hot afternoon sun until they develop dense foliage. Water avocados on a regular basis during warm seasons. Mulch 2 to 4 inches deep out 3 feet from the canopy to keep roots cool during the summer. Avocados are also sensitive to cold and may require protection from frost. Avocados can be alternate bearing , to improve your crop and cover you on the years when there is a light crop plant different flower type, A or B to help improve your fruit set and plant a second avocado tree nearby.

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